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Why Choose Pareto Law for your Sales Training?

We've led the sales training market for over 20 years

Looking to take your sales team to the next level?

Seeking to perfect your own sales skillset?


With sales training from Pareto you can do both and transform your sales skills to sky-rocket ROI.


From learning the fundamentals through to sealing the deal with negotiation skills, we can help you make a real impact on your business performance. We’ve successfully trained more than 120,000 sales people over the last 20 years, so you can rest assured you’re working with one of the most experienced sales training UK providers.


Virtual Sales Training

With the ever-changing business climate, the world has been pushed towards a remote and virtual working environment. Pareto’s new and improved virtual learning package is guaranteed to equip you, and your teams with the knowledge and tools to not only adapt to a remote way of selling, but also enlighten you on how to communicate more effectively via the channels available.



This type of online virtual training can not only develop your sales techniques but also enable high quality virtual pitches. Our four new virtual training courses have fantastic learning methodologies from 'sales webinars' to 'managing sales teams remotely', which are delivered by our expert sales trainers. We can help you to overcome the problems that most salespeople are now up against. 


Our remote online courses will provide you with the foundation to work towards sales targets, build new connections and win new business. 

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How our sales training works


The world of sales is constantly evolving. To keep up with the fast-paced, demanding climate, your sales people need to be fully equipped with the latest techniques, behaviours and strategies to excel. Our seven sales training courses, from 'Sales Fundamentals' to 'Sales Management' perfectly combine a variety of blended learning methodologies with expert sales coaching to help you to overcome any challenges you face and unlock future opportunities. If you're looking for a more unique solution, we also offer bespoke sales training tailored to your specific business needs. 


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Our Sales Training Courses

Whether you’re a new starter looking to take part in basic sales training, or an experienced professional looking leadership training in sales, our modular courses can help with development at all levels. We can help you lead your team to success and smash KPIs, we can revolutionise your pitches and presentations and put you on the path to excellence.

Whatever you need Pareto has the modular sales training courses, including virtual sales training, to take your performance to the next level. Our bespoke training programs mean we can fully tailor our approach to your business needs. 

Our Courses

Bespoke Sales Training

Tackle skills gaps in your team and address issues head on with a bespoke sales training package from Pareto. In addition to our developed sales training courses we provide entirely bespoke training solutions, designed to address the specific needs of your sales team.

Our bespoke training program is called Accelerate. First, we send in our experts to assess your team and design a solution specific to your company. From here we prescribe the most effective training in sales options for you, whether that’s live prospecting coaching or taking your team to the next level in their selling techniques. We investigate, recommend and implement sales targets that align with your strategic teams to ensure successful, long-term change. We work on real life challenges, issues and opportunities to ensure deliverables are practical and impact ROI.

Bespoke Training

Which SET is your Sales Team in?

Want free recommendations from our experts on how to improve your sales team's peformance?

We've created the Sales Effectiveness Test (SET) - a carefully crafted 3 minute quiz that will offer you a bespoke response with our experts' recommendations to help you build a more resilient sales team.

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Sales Apprenticeships

Here at Pareto Law we were one of the first sales training uk providers to offer government-approved sales apprenticeship courses. Employers have been using their Apprenticeship Levy funds with us to provide current staff or new recruits with world-class sales training to reap the rewards. 


A sales apprenticeship will empower your salespeople with the essential blend of knowledge, skills and behaviours they need for success.

Pareto Apprenticeships

Sales Training UK

With training centres based across the UK, we can help you boost your sales performance wherever your organisation is based. Virtual sales training courses are now available to support your remote sales teams.  


Prefer us to come to you? Our bespoke training programmes have been delivered on-site around the globe. NEW - Bespoke virtual sales training programmes are also available to enhance remote sales development. Talk to us today on how we can help your business. 

Why use a specialist sales training uk provider?

The power of sales training shines through in new skills, greater confidence and best of all: increased revenue. Training for sales offers so much more than upskilling. Your team will feel motivated, empowered and confident in their skills. What’s more, investing in the future and development of your sales people shows them how much you care about their career progression, in turn helping you retain those talented individuals.


Our specialist team is the largest of its kind in the UK and our range of award-winning sales courses and solutions are the most extensive in the industry. For more than 20 years our coaches have trained over 120,000 sales professionals and we’re just as passionate about unlocking sales potential today as we were when we started. Whatever aspect of your team’s selling skills you’re looking to develop, we can help. Explore our full range of sales training to discover which solution will transform your business’ performance.


Digital Sales Training

Traditional sales techniques have developed since the emergence of the digital world. To meet your business’ needs, we offer LPI accredited digital sales training that is built around information retention, increased productivity and exceptional ROI.


Get top tips for sales success in the digital world, including how to utilise technology across a range of channels to find sales success. Our experience in employee training for organisations of any size, in any sector, ensures you're using the most knowledgeable providers in the industry..


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Paying the Apprenticeship Levy?

Invest your levy in Apprenticeship Sales Training

The Apprenticeship Levy came into force in 2017, charging companies with a wage bill over £3m an additional 0.5% to invest back into the workforce. So, how much do you have to spend on apprenticeship sales training and what courses can you invest in?

That's where our handy calculator comes in...

Your organisation's annual UK payroll

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